Ghost of Tsushima: Everything We Know So Far

Ghost of Tsushima is an upcoming action-adventure game from Sony Interactive Entertainment that is set to be released on July 17, 2020. The game is developed by Sucker Punch Productions which is known for the Infamous series. The Ghost of Tsushima is going to be a vast open-world game that can be explored without any guidance from the game. Players can travel to different parts of the world utilizing the traditional way, walking, or riding a horse.

The Ghost of Tsushima will be exclusive for the PlayStation 4. The game can now be pre-ordered from Walmart, PlayStation Direct, and the PlayStation Store. It is available in 5 different editions namely:

Collector’s Edition


The game focuses on Jin Sakai, a young samurai who was raised and trained by his father, Shimura Sakai. Jin was among one of the last samurai of his clan after a devastating defeat from the first wave of the Mongol Empire. The story is set on how he became “The Ghost” and his journey in fighting the Mongol Empire for the freedom and independence of Japan.

The main antagonist is Khotun Khan, a general of the Mongol Empire who’s set to conquer the country of Japan.

The story begins in the late 13th century where the Mongol Empire has laid waste to entire nations along their campaign to conquer the East. Set on Tsushima Island in 1274, the island was devastated by the first wave of the Mongol invasion.

Fighting the Mongol Empire alone is an impossible feat to achieve. Jin will eventually find comrades and allies that will aid him in his journey.


The game offers a wide array of features. To start, the game features various driving exploration systems, character customization, 2 different styles of combat, and more.

Exploration will be one of the major key parts of the game. Its open-world design will be massive and certain side quests will be available along the various paths that you will travel. Sucker Punch also incorporated the culture of Japan in this game by letting you honor shrines. Furthermore, animals will also aid you in various ways. Fast travel will also be available for places that you have explored.

In terms of combat, the player can choose between Samurai mode or Stealth mode. In Samurai mode, Jin will fight using a Katana and a longbow while in Stealth mode, Jin will use Katana, dagger, firecrackers, and kunai to take enemies out as quickly and as quietly as possible.

The main key difference between the 2 combat modes is the experience. For those that seek thrill from third-person action, Samurai mode will be bountiful. For those that desire to finish enemies silently and induce fear among their ranks, Stealth mode is the go for.

Both Samurai and Stealth mode will have unique abilities that can be customized through armor pieces. This also includes charms that can be equipped, core abilities that can be evolved to tailor your preferred playstyle, and Jin’s appearance to favor his physical appearance to look more like a noble samurai or a stealthy assassin.


The game is set in the year 1274, on the island of Tsushima, Japan. The game begins in the feudal era where the Mongol Empire seeks to conquer the country of Japan and rule the East.

If you haven’t played any type of feudal aged game where most of the things you find in the city do not exist, then the Ghost of Tsushima will be one euphoric game.