Godfall: Everything We Know So Far

Godfall is one of the first video games announced for the next-generation PlayStation console, the PlayStation 5. Developed by Counterplay Games, the game is very promising so far. It offers a fantasy setting and a soulslike combat system. So before the game comes into play, we lay out everything you need to know about the game so far including release date, price, gameplay, and future content.

Godfall Release Date

Godfall was revealed and announced during the “The Game Awards” in 2019. The game was developed by Counterplay and will be published by Gearbox. However, both developer and publisher have not confirmed any release date yet, but both have said that the game will be released around Holiday of 2020. This means that the game will likely launch in the 4th quarter of the year, somewhere between September and December, which is along with the dates of the PlayStation 5 launch.

Godfall Gameplay

There has not been any gameplay release yet from both companies but a leak found on Reddit showcases a 6 seconds footage of the game’s actual combat system.

However, a Twitter post from the Godfall Twitter account confirmed that the gameplay video circulating around on Reddit is an internal presentation from a year-old PC footage.

So the 6 seconds clip was more of an internal presentation of the game and there hasn’t been an official gameplay video from both publisher and developer available yet. This, at the very least, gave us important clues on how the game will be once it is available. However, experience has taught us that a lot of things can happen and change though in a small amount of time.

From the leaked clip alone, both company has confirmed that the game will be a multi-player game with support for cross-platform for both PC and PlayStation 5. They then categorized the game as a “looter-slasher” type which depicts the game from your usual looter kind of game.

Fortunately, we got ourselves an extended gameplay trailer credit to Everyeye.it of YouTube.

On the extended gameplay trailer, we can see some ancient ruins, temples, and the likes of places where Gods have lived. We also got a glimpse of some good hack and slash with some form of parry. The game somehow resembles the gameplay of “For Honor.” Nonetheless, we’re very excited to get our hands on the game. We hope that it becomes a good game for both PC and Console without it being repetitive and boring.

As of the pricing, there has not been any confirmation or posting of the games price. We will soon update you guys once we get any confirmation of the pricing.

Godfall for PlayStation 4

A straight answer is no. Godfall will not be supporting the PlayStation 4 platform however, we do feel like this might be a timed exclusivity.

According to a Twitter post from the game account, the exclusivity of the game will be only as good as 12 months.

Once the game launched, it will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and PC. We do expect, however, that the game will soon be available for Xbox Series X and other platforms once the exclusivity period for the PlayStation 5 and Epic Games Store has expired.

We will soon learn more about Godfall as time pass by most especially once PlayStation 5 is released. As one of the first games to run on PlayStation 5, the exclusivity of the game is important for Sony to make customers jump to the PlayStation 5 wagon. Otherwise, consumers won’t be buying PlayStation 5 if all of the major PlayStation games will be playable on the old gen.