Rumors Has It That A Harry Potter RPG Game Called Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy Will Be Revealed This Year

Rumors about an Open-World RPG game based on the Harry Potter universe have been circulating around since 2017. Ever since the leak of the footage, fans and gamers have been scrambling around finding facts and insider information whether the game is in fact true or not. However, the leaked footage has been taken down and the community became quiet about it for a couple of years after not having any information about the said game.

Leaked Screenshot of the Footage

A new Reddit post from a user account that goes by the name “notexpectedbut” who claims to be working with WB Marketing has spilled some juicy information about the rumored game. The post includes a list that depicts a number of game core components including the title of the game and the scheduled release of trailer and gameplay videos.

To sum the post up, the game will not be called Harry Potter or anything of some sort. The game will be titled Hogwarts: A Dark Legacy and is set to have its first trailer and gameplay videos in August with an expected launch date of June 2021.

The post also included a detailed layout of the game’s core which includes the following:

  • Customizable in-game character including gender selection, race preference such as muggle, pure blood, or half-blood, and a unique background story.
  • The house you get sorted in at Hogwarts will depend on the decision that you will make regarding your character.
  • Each house offers a unique questline and you cannot side with the villain.
  • Deaths of important characters will depend on your decisions and actions in-game.
  • Multiple important characters including Harry Potter will make an appearance in the game at some point but they are not playable characters.
  • The game will include a robust skill tree the provides five branches to focus your characters’ magical skills. However, forbidden spells are not attainable.
  • The game will include side games such as a detailed Quidditch game mechanics and a card game that is similar to Gwent (A Witcher Card Game).
  • The game leans more towards the people who are fans of the book as the game gets extremely dark and is not made for children.
  • It includes mature content including romance and getting married but there won’t be any sexual content.
  • There will be companions in the game that you can command.
  • A reimagined version of the Nemesis system used in the Shadow of Mordor games is in this one. It’s not as robust as those games in terms of quantity but instead is very detailed on the few rivals it generates.
  • Story and combat are a slow burn but the game builds up to some insane moments.

If you wish to know more about the said game, hurry over on the Reddit post and check it out yourself.

But we recommend taking this information with a grain of salt. The post might provide a good amount of in-game details but all of these are still but a rumor. Furthermore, the account who provided the leak is not a well-known name in the world of leaking information in the Reddit community.

Just in case you are wondering, the game platform, according to the Reddit account, will be slated to PC, current-gen, and next-gen consoles including PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.