Housemarque Ramps Up Production On PlayStation 5 Title

The studio behind popular arcade-like games including Resogun, Nex Machine, and Alienation announced earlier this year that they are ramping up the companies production for its upcoming PlayStation 5 title. The studio claims that it’s their biggest and most ambitious title yet.

During this time, the Finnish studio announced that they have shelved in-development of their upcoming battle royal shooter game, Stormdivers. Which the studio presumptively assume that it will not have a little chance of succeeding in the battle royal shooter game genre.

For the upcoming titles, we believe that the publisher will be Sony. The studio had a solid relationship with Sony and it continues up to this day. So it goes without a doubt that the upcoming title of the studio will be published by Sony. As a matter of fact, according to, the publishing partner for the PS5 video game title is expected to be Sony.

Unfortunately, the site did not mention any further information from that. The studio has also never provided nor drop any hints about this title. If the game is indeed a PS5 title, there’s a good chance that we will hear about it from the upcoming PlayStation 5 event on June 11.