The Ultimate Minecraft Dungeons Guide

Minecraft Dungeons is an all-new action-adventure game that is packed with thrill and Minecraft goodness. The game is inspired by classic dungeon crawlers and set in the Minecraft universe.

Everything About Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is a game developed and published by Mojang Studios, the publisher behind the popular game, Minecraft. The game is relatively new and was recently released last May 26, 2020.

Minecraft Dungeon features a battle system that lets you take out mobs in more fast phased action combat. You can unlock dozens of unique items and weapon enchantment for devastating special attacks. The game lets you explore treasure-stuffed levels in a quest to take down the evil Arch-Illager.

You can play the game with your friends of up to four players. You can also personalize your character to your liking.

Where to purchase Minecraft Dungeons?

The video game Minecraft Dungeons can be purchased from the Minecraft website.

In what platforms can I play Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons can be purchased and played on following platforms:

  • Windows 7 & Windows 10.
  • Xbox One.
  • PlayStation 4.
  • Nintendo Switch.

Cross-platform Support

Yes, the support for cross-platform play functionality is in development. We are just not sure yet when it will be implemented. On the good note though, Mojang has confirmed that there will be support for cross-platform. Meaning, you can play with your friends playing on different platforms such as Windows, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

How much is Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft Dungeons offers two editions, Base and Hero. The Base edition offers the bare bone of the games and the essentials while the Hero edition includes the game, a hero cape, two-player skins, a Chicken pet, and a ticket to download the two DLC packs that are set to be released in the future.

The Base edition cost US$19.99 while the Hero edition cost US$29.99.

Downloadable Contents

Minecraft Dungeons is also set to have its own downloadable contents. The first one being, Jungle Awakens, is set to be released around the month of July. The first DLC will bring new in-game content for the game such as new stages, enemies, weapons, artifacts, and more.

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens DLC
Minecraft Dungeons – Jungle Awakens – DLC

The second DLC titled, Creeping Winter, is set to follow later this year.

Both DLC will be free for those who purchased the Hero edition of the game. The prices for each DLC is not yet made to public as of this writing for those who only bought the base game.

Other than the premium DLCs, everyone who bought the non-Hero edition game are entitled to receive free contents which are set to be released in the future.

Boss Fights

As an action-packed adventure game, Minecraft Dungeons will not be complete without its fair share of enemy bosses. Here, we will guide you on how to beat each Minecraft Dungeons boss.

The Corrupted Cauldron

The Corrupted Cauldron is one of the first bosses that you will encounter in this game. A little bit of side story, the corrupted cauldron was created by a number of witches that are in league with the Arch-Illager. The cauldron was imbued with the evil that it took a life form of its own.

How to beat the Corrupted Cauldron in Minecraft Dungeons

The best, fastest, and easiest way to bear the Corrupter Cauldron is to use range weapons and position yourself on higher grounds. Using a quiver full of arrows and positioning yourself in higher levels, you can shoot straight at the Corrupted Cauldron without any of the spawned mobs being able to do much back to you.

If you want to get up close and personal, having the proper pieces of equipment will be crucial for this fight. Before taking on the Cauldron, we highly recommend clearing out the mobs that can distract your strategy.

We also recommend having the Potion Barrier enchantment on your armor. With this enchantment, incoming damage will be reduced by 90% after taking a health potion. This will let you get up close with the Cauldron to start chomping of its health bar with swift damage from your fast weapon.

The main attack that you need to be mindful of is the wall of flames. This flames spouting around the Cauldron can easily drain your heart instantaneously if you’re not going to be careful.

Once the Cauldron is down to its last health bar, you can easily rush it in to finish the fight and gain your well-deserved loots.

How to beat an Enderman in Minecraft Dungeons

Enderman is one of the most obnoxious enemies you will encounter in this game. In the original Minecraft game, these guys will pop out of anywhere. The only good thing about the Enderman is that they will be harmless if you don’t look or hurt them, but the moment you do, you’re in a world of hurt.

In Minecraft Dungeons, they exhibit the same behavior. To make things worst, Enderman can teleport anytime. When fighting one, they tend to teleport most of the times and usually, they teleport behind you to attack. So how do you defeat an Enderman?

In our experience, the best and fastest way to beat an Enderman is to spam it with fast-firing range weapon. If it teleport behind you, simply roll away and spam again with arrow.

Another way to deal with these monsters is to use a pet summoned. Enderman tends to go after your pet instead of you which is a good distraction to defeat an Enderman without getting hit or taking much damage.

Our preferred method of dealing with an Enderman is to go Leeroy Jenkins. However, not crazy enough to go all out on them without having the proper equipment. We recommend having Grim Armor with a Lifesteal Aura and

Grim Armor with Life Steal Aura

a weapon with the Radiance Enchantment.

Sword with Radiance Enchantment

This combination is set to damage your opponent while healing and stealing life points from your enemy simultaneously. So you don’t have to worry about getting wild too much.

How to beat the Nameless One boss in Minecraft Dungeons

The Nameless One is one of the toughest boss in Minecraft Dungeons. It is capable of reducing your heart in a matter of seconds if you’re not careful. As an enemy boss, the Nameless One attacks in a mixture of magic and summons. So taking your time to defeat this boss may not be the wisest idea.

The Nameless One

Fighting the Nameless One in a fair and square fight may not be the wisest thing to do against this enemy boss. You will find yourself in trapped in the corner in no time if you do so.

The fastest and easiest way to defeat the Nameless One is with pure aggression and fast melee attacks while circulating around him. But of course, it’s not possible if you’re not well tuned for this fight. Fast attack weapons with attack speed increase enchantment along with Death Cap Mushroom artifact will do enough to put pressure against this boss. To survive with this strategy, you need a reliable Grim armor with life steal or Radiance. If you have Potion Barrier as an enchantment on your armor, aggression and spamming melee attacks will be a breeze.

When it starts summoning skeletons, quickly made do with them and go back in chomping the hit point of the Nameless One.

Don’t forget to movement accordingly as tanking all of its damage will do you no good even with the best build set around this stage.

Once the Nameless One teleports away and multiplies, focus on dodging its attacks. If you get the hang of it, you can try to take out each one of them to quickly find the real one.

One you get the hang of this strategy, defeating the Nameless One will be a breeze.

How to beat Redstone Golems and the Redstone Monstrosity in Minecraft Dungeons

The best and easiest way to take out these Redstone Golem and the Redstone Monstrosity is by means of ranged attacks. Both bosses can deal massive damage to you and can kill you in seconds. So getting close and personal is not the wisest thing to do when fighting these two monsters.

Redstone Monstrosity

As usual, range weapons with fast attacks enchantment will the wonders in this stage. Simply keep your distance and if you can, get them stuck behind world objects such as decoration objects, uneven surface, and so on.

How to beat the Heart of Ender in Minecraft Dungeons

Defeating the Heart of Ender takes a good amount of time and a well times strategy. As usual, fast attacks would be beneficial in this round. Grim armor with life steal paired with Death Cap Mushroom is invaluable in this fight.

To damage the Heart of Ender, you need to focus on hitting the purple Orb of Dominance. So don’t waste time chasing any other part of its body.

The Heart of Ender is also a tough boss to deal with as it teleports and takes a large distance between the two of you. So Boots of Swiftness or Light Feather Artifacts will be a game changer item here.

Heart of Ender

Evading and survivability plays a big role in this fight. When the Heart of Ender starts attacking, always position yourself between the beams and walk in time with the rotation of the circle.

Furthermore, move your character out of the way of the straight beams where it pops its head out of the ground. Also, get ready to slice and dice this monster as it teleports and gets ready to shoot in a circle. That will be your best opening to spam attacks and deal a great amount of damage against it.

Minecraft Dungeons All Enchantments

Enchantment Name Enchantment EffectItem TypeRarity
CommittedDeal between 50-100% extra damage to wounded mobsMeleeCommon
ProspectorBetween 100-300% extra chance at EmeraldsMeleeCommon
FreezingReduce speed of nearby mobs by between 20-40%MeleeCommon
StunningBetween 5-15% chance to stun enemy on hitMeleeCommon
WeakeningReduces damage from nearby enemies by 20-40% for 5 secondsMeleeCommon
RampagingDefeating a mob gives 10% chance to increase attack speed by 50% for between 5-15 secondsMeleeCommon
Thundering30% chance to deal damage to nearby enemies on hitMeleeCommon
SharpnessIncreases weapon damage by between 10-33%MeleeCommon
Fire AspectSets mobs on fire for three secondsMeleeCommon
SmitingIncreases damage to undead mobs between 20-40%MeleeCommon
LootingBetween 100-300% increased chance for mobs to drop consumables like Shadow PotionsMeleeCommon
EchoSome attacks are followed by another with a between a 3-5 second cooldownMeleeCommon
LeechingDefeating mobs heals you for between 4-8% of mobs max healthMeleeCommon
Poison Cloud30% chance to spawn a damage dealing cloudMeleeCommon
Chains30% chance to bind mobs together for between 1-3 secondsMeleeCommon
Anima ConduitEach soul you absorb grants between 1-3% of your max healthMeleeCommon
Enigma ResonatorGives between 0-25% chance to deal triple damage based on number of souls you haveMeleeCommon
ShockwaveLast attack in combo launches damaging ShockwaveMeleePowerful
GravityPulls mobs in range towards your weapon’s impact point for between 1-2 secondsMeleePowerful
SwirlingThe last attack in a combo performs a large swirling move that deals more damageMeleePowerful
ExplodingEnemies explode on defeat and deal between 20-60% of their health as damageMeleePowerful
RadianceHas 20% chance to spawn healing auraMeleePowerful
SuperchargeCharged shots deal between 20-40% more damageRangedCommon
PunchIncrease arrow pushback by between 200-400%RangedCommon
Poison Cloud30% chance to summon poison cloud for 3 secondsRangedCommon
MultishotBetween 20-40% chance to shoot 5 arrowsRangedCommon
RicochetBetween 20-60% chance to ricochet arrow to another mobRangedCommon
Bonus ShotFires an extra arrow at a nearby enemy with between 10-24% powerRangedCommon
InfinityHas a 16-48% chance to immediately replenish arrow after shootingRangedCommon
Radiance Shot20% chance to spawn healing auraRangedCommon
PiercingEvery 1-3 arrows penetrates multiple mobsRangedCommon
Wild RageBetween 20-40% chance to turn mob hostile to its allies on hitRangedCommon
UnchantingProjectiles deal between 50-100% extra damage to enchanted enemiesRangedCommon
AccelerateIncreases attack speed by 8-12% for consecutive shotsRangedCommon
PowerBoosts arrow damage by between 10-33%RangedCommon
Rapid FireBoost attack speed by between 10-20%RangedCommon
Fuse ShotEvrey 5th-3rd shot explodes dealing 100% damage to nearby mobsRangedCommon
GrowingFired shots grow in the air and deal between 25-75% extra damageRangedCommon
Tempo TheftSteals between 17-50% of mobs speed and gives it to you for 4 secondsRangedPowerful
Gravity PulsePulls enemies towards you with between 100-200% range every 5 secondsRangedPowerful
Chain ReactionHas between 10-30% chance to fire five arrows in all directionsRangedPowerful
ElectrifiedDeal damage on rollArmourCommon
CowardiceDeal 20-40% extra damage at full healthArmourCommon
Surprise GiftWhen you use a healing potion between 50%-150% chance to trigger random consumableArmourCommon
Food ReservesWhenever you use a healing potion craft between 1-3 random food itemsArmourCommon
ThornsReturn between 100-200% of damage to attackerArmourCommon
Speed SynergyIncrease movement speed by 20% for between 1-3 seconds after Artifact activationArmourCommon
DeflectBetween 20-60% chance to deflect incoming projectilesArmourCommon
RecyclerBeing hit by between 10-30 projectiles crafts a quiver of arrowsArmourCommon
Potion BarrierWhen using a healing potion, take 90% less damage for between 5-9 secondsArmourCommon
Fire TrailRolling leaves a damaging trail behind youArmourCommon
ExplorerRestore between 0.3-1% health for every 100 blocks explored on mapArmourCommon
FrenziedAt less than half health, deal between 10-30% extra damageArmourCommon
SwiftfootedRolling makes you between 30-50% faster for 3 secondsArmourCommon
Health SynergyWhen activating Artifact, regain between 3-5% healthArmourCommon
Cool DownReduces cool down of Artifacts by between 10-27%ArmourCommon
SnowballFires a snowball that stuns enemies every 5, 3, and 1 secondsArmourCommon
Soul SpeedWhen you gather a Soul gain 1% movement speed for between 2-4 seconds.ArmourCommon
Final ShoutWhen you drop to low health, all of your Artifacts are used regardless of cooldownArmourPowerful
ChillingEmit a blast every 2 seconds that slows enemies between 20-60%ArmourPowerful
Gravity PulseEvery 5 seconds, pull enemies towards you with 100-200% rangeArmourPowerful
ProtectionReduce all incoming damage between 6-15%ArmourPowerful