PlayStation 5 Event Postponed

Sony has postponed its PlayStation 5 games reveal event that’s scheduled for June 4. This is in wake of the on-going events in the West where Sony expressed solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the fight against racism in the US.

The announcement was made on Twitter, where the official page of PlayStation posted details about the even’t cancellation.

This move of Sony started off with a 3 Tweet statement.

In this Tweet, Sony stated that “Being silent about the violence and racism Black people experience is being complicit. We stand in solidarity today and every day with the Black community.”

It was then followed by two more Tweets stating, “But actions always speak louder than words. And we’re working hard to make sure we at Sony are doing more than just stating we are allies.” and “Right now, we want to use our platform to spread information & support. Please send links, resources, or other helpful information our way, and we’ll share them. When we all know more, we can do more.”

Sony was not the only company that shared the same solidarity and rights with Black Lives Matter over the last 24 hours. Other companies that shared the same stand includes EA, Riot Games, Microsoft, Naughty Dog, and more.

Sony has not yet stated anything about the new schedule for the PlayStation 5 games reveal event. Furthermore, it is unclear if major events scheduled for the week such as PC Gaming Show and more, will go on as scheduled.

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