Sony To Develop PlayStation 5 Exclusives & Will Not Be Playable On PlayStation 4

In an interview conducted by, Sony is full head-on in the release of the PlayStation 5. The company will also be making exclusive games for the next generation console as a way to make people purchase or upgrade to the upcoming console.

We do believe, however, that the greatest challenge Sony will be facing with the newest console is convincing current owners of PlayStation 4 that the upgrade will be worth it. We all know that exclusive titles have taught us to simply wait for these titles to become available for other platforms. So, making exclusive titles for the PlayStation 5 may not be enough to convince people to jump the upgrade.

One particular game that we already have revealed is the Godfall. A video game title that’s exclusive for PlayStation 5. However, the developer themselves stated that the exclusivity will only last for 12 months.

And after that, we’re simply not certain if the game will be available for PlayStation 4 yet. But we, in fact, know that the game will be available for other PC platform stores such as Steam.

There are just many uncertainties at this point on how Sony will take on these said challenges. Focusing its marketing on Dual Sense technology as well as multiple uses of Solid State Drive for the next-generation console will surely be not enough to convince consumers.

Ryan, however, clearly stated that Sony will not leave the PS4 community after the PS5 launch. To keep the PS4 community engaging with the Sony platform, Ryan stated that they plan to make PS5 games playable on the older machine. In that statement alone, it’s already a confirmation that PS5 exclusive games will be time-limited. But of course, this does not include Sony’s developed games, which can take years before we see any chances of them being ported out on other platforms. Which, is a strategy proposed by Microsoft slating that games created for Xbox Series X will also be playable on Xbox One.

Let’s just wait and see for now until Sony reveals the PlayStation 5 and more of its features. Let’s not forget how the pandemic affected the economy and this includes small times game developers that are not pandemic proof. Sony, however, offered US$10 million financial assistance to help indie developers with over 100 studios in vital finance.

Overall, Ryan believes that the game industry can be proud of itself on how it responded to the pandemic. However, he still acknowledges that there are still uncertainty and things can easily be unpredictable. Right now, PlayStation 5 is come, the games are on track, and Microsoft is also full head-on coalition with its launch of Xbox Series X.

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