Pokemon Adds New Galarian Pokemons

With the inevitable upcoming release of the Isle of Armor expansion for both Pokemon Sword and Shield on June 17, the Pokemon Company has added new Pokemons in the Galarian form list.

Galarian Slowbro

The first Pokemon that we got to see is the Galarian form of Slowbro. With Slowbro, the shell is found biting its tail, but in its Galarian form, we can see that the shell is biting its left arm instead. This Pokemon is categorized as a hermit crab Pokemon and is a Poison/Physic type. It gained the poison type from the shock of Shellder’s bite.

Galarian Slowbro has the ability called “Quick Draw” and has a signature move called “Shell Side Arm.” This move lets this Pokemon fire poisonous liquid from the tip of the Shellder attached to its arm. This move may poison the target and can inflict physical or special depending on which damage will be more effective against its opponent.

Shell Side Arm

To our surprise, there will be Galarian forms of the three legendary bird Pokemons namely, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. However, the Galarian forms are set to be released along with the second expansion, the Crown of Tundra.

Crown Tundra

In the Crown of Tundra expansion, five legendary Pokemon are set to be released and those are Regieleki and Regidrago along with the Galarian form of Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno.

Galarian Moltres

The Galarian Moltres is categorized as a Malevolent Pokemon and is a Dark/Flying type with an ability called “Berserk.”

Galarian Zapdos

The Galarian Zapdos is categorized as a strong legs Pokemon and is a Fighting/Flying type Pokemon with an ability called “Defiant.”

Galarian Articuno

The Galarian Articuno is categorized as a cruel Pokemon and is a Phychic/Flying type Pokemon with an ability called “Competitive.”

Legendary Pokémon bearing strong resemblances to Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have been spotted in the Crown Tundra. These Pokémon seem to bear Ice-type, Electric-type, and Fire-type characteristics, respectively, and so were previously thought to be the same as the Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres seen in other regions. But recently, data gathered from reported sightings and other sources about the Pokémon have bolstered the theory that they are, in fact, distinct variants.

New Features Added in The Isle of Armor

The first ever Pokemon game expansion, the Isle of Armor, is set to bring new features and functionality to the game. This includes news items such as Exp.Charm.

The Cram-o-matic

The dojo on the Isle of Armor houses a unique take on recycling in the form of a device called the Cram-o-matic. If you feed it four items, it will combine them and give you a new item in exchange. You can receive any of a variety of items, including Poké Balls, PP Ups, and more. Some combinations might produce rare items!

The Cram-o-matic

Tutor Moves

Completely new tutor moves will also be available on the Isle of Armor. You can have your Pokémon learn these moves in exchange for Armorite Ore, a substance that you can find on the Isle of Armor through Max Raid Battles and other means.

Burning Jealousy
Grassy Glide

Max Soup

Max Soup is a special dish made from rare ingredients you can gather on the Isle of Armor. If a Pokémon with great hidden potential drinks Max Soup, it will become a special Pokémon capable of Gigantamaxing. Some Pokémon you’ve already been traveling with may be able to gain the ability to Gigantamax as well.

Restricted Sparring

The Isle of Armor will also introduce a way to challenge yourself to some new battles! With Restricted Sparring, you’ll be limited in what types of Pokémon you can use and forced to battle under set conditions! Give it a try, and give some of your Pokémon that are normally overlooked a chance to shine!


PlayStation 5 Event Postponed

Sony has postponed its PlayStation 5 games reveal event that’s scheduled for June 4. This is in wake of the on-going events in the West where Sony expressed solidarity with Black Lives Matter and the fight against racism in the US.

The announcement was made on Twitter, where the official page of PlayStation posted details about the even’t cancellation.

This move of Sony started off with a 3 Tweet statement.

In this Tweet, Sony stated that “Being silent about the violence and racism Black people experience is being complicit. We stand in solidarity today and every day with the Black community.”

It was then followed by two more Tweets stating, “But actions always speak louder than words. And we’re working hard to make sure we at Sony are doing more than just stating we are allies.” and “Right now, we want to use our platform to spread information & support. Please send links, resources, or other helpful information our way, and we’ll share them. When we all know more, we can do more.”

Sony was not the only company that shared the same solidarity and rights with Black Lives Matter over the last 24 hours. Other companies that shared the same stand includes EA, Riot Games, Microsoft, Naughty Dog, and more.

Sony has not yet stated anything about the new schedule for the PlayStation 5 games reveal event. Furthermore, it is unclear if major events scheduled for the week such as PC Gaming Show and more, will go on as scheduled.


First DLC For Minecraft Dungeons Is Coming This July

Minecraft Dungeons is bound to get its first DLC this coming July titled Jungle Awakens. The first DLC is set to provide three new additional missions and brings a new stage called “Distant, Dangerous Jungle.” The first DLC will serve as the game’s first additional in-game content that brings new stages, new enemies, and of course, new weapons, armors, and artifacts at your disposal.

Minecraft Dungeons Jungle Awakens DLC

As we already have mentioned, the Jungle Awakens DLC brings new enemies to the table namely Leapleaf, Jungle Zombie, Poison Quill Vine, and more! With new enemies, this brings the conclusion that new armor, weapon, artifacts, as well as enchantment, are bound to be released as well. Once the Jungle Awakens DLC becomes available to the public, be sure to have your character fully equipped with all the right enchantment and gears setup. If you are not sure what to do yet, we recommend checking out our Minecraft Dungeons Ultimate Guide. This guide lists all the enemies, strategies, and steps on how to defeat the harsh enemies in-game.

If that’s not exciting, then be prepared as the second DLC, Creeping Winter, is scheduled to be released later this year. If you bought the Hero edition of Minecraft Dungeons, then this is all a waiting game for you as the first two DLC sets will be free for the Hero edition owners. On the other hand, if you bought the base game edition, you will be required to purchase these DLCs if you wish to play its contents.

We are not surprised that Mojang, the studio behind Minecraft and Minecraft Dungeons, will be releasing DLCs for the said game in just a few months after its release. If you are not aware, the game Minecraft Dungeons, as the base game, can be cleared in a matter of five to eight hours. With an option to play the game in a higher difficulty that provides better armor, weapon, artifacts, and enchantments.


Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Will Support Cross-Play Across Five Platforms

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is set to become the first video game that supports cross-play across five different gaming platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and the Google Stadia.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is set to be released on Google Stadia this coming June 1. The pricing for game on the said platform is not available yet. You can, however, find that the game is being sold on all other platforms for the same price of US$19.99.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a game that takes on the 25 years of the franchise. It is a fighting game that lets you form teams of 3 and compete against other teams with a mix rooster of rangers and villains. The will also let you play online with friends and players from all over the globe with endless replay-ability.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a great game to take on for the casual fighting genre. However, when it comes to its competitiveness. Certain platforms will be of an advantage compared to the others. For example, the playability could be more favorable for the consoles than the PC platform. It could also be the other way around. What we do know so far is that the game takes itself off from the similarities between Mortal Kombat and of the games alike.


Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Is Free On Epic Games Store

Grab a free copy of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection from the Epic Games Store. Once claimed, the games are yours to keep. This promotion will end on June 4, 2020, at 11:00 PM.

Epic Games is now on its third mysterious title giveaway reveal as part of their mega sale campaign. The Borderlands: The Handsome Collection giveaway includes Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and Borderlands 2. So you get to keep 2 titles from this promotion.

To claim a free copy, head over to the product page on the Epic Games Store site. Alternatively, you can download the Epic Games launcher and claim the game from the store section of the launcher.

Rumors has it that the last mysterious title to be given away will be Ark Survival Evolved. The accuracy of this leak has been phenomenal so far in predicting the games to be given away.

Epic Mega Sale

In the previous weeks, Epic Games has already given away 3 out of 4 on some of the biggest titles in the video games industry and that includes Grand Theft Auto V, Civilization VI, and now, the Borderland: The Handsome Collection. The fourth trench of the giveaway will begin on June 4 and we expect it to be the Ark Survival Evolved. This giveaway is part of the stores mega sale campaign that started last May 21 and will end on June 12.

In addition to four weeks of discounts on major titles, Epic Games is giving every player a $10 Epic Coupon. The $10 Epic Coupon can be used to buy any eligible game or add-on of $14.99 or more on the store (during the promotional period) and you’ll receive another $10 Epic Coupon upon successful purchase.


Final Fantasy 14 is Free on PlayStation 4

Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is free to download on PlayStation 4 until May 26, 2020. Once claimed, the game is yours to keep and you also get a free 30-day subscription. Which makes the game free to play for the next 30 days. Grab a free copy now at the PlayStation Store.

If you’re looking for a massive MMORPG that gets continuously updated and has thousands of active players, then take advantage of this deal and start your journey in the world of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for free. The starter edition of the game is priced at US$20 while the complete edition cost US$59.99. The Starter Edition doesn’t include any DLC or expansions such as Heavensward, Stormblood, and Shadowbringers which will be a necessity later on as your progress further through the game.

The Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a great game, to be honest. Its story-rich content makes it one of the best online games that anyone could play so far. Unfortunately, the game has also suffered delays due to the threat brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. One of the major updates for the game this year which was scheduled to be released around the month of June has been delayed. There are no confirmations yet as to when will be the release of the delayed update but we expect it around the 3rd quarter this year. The only exception is that if the developers ends up having difficulties transtioning from an office to a work at home setup.

News PC

Source Code For Command & Conquer Red Alert Goes Public

EA, the studio behind the popular real-time strategy game Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and Red Alert, will be releasing the source code for the said games alongside the Remastered Collection next month.

According to an announcement posted on Reddit by Jim Vessella, EA Producer – “Today we are proud to announce that alongside the launch of the Remastered Collection, Electronic Arts will be releasing the TiberianDawn.dll and RedAlert.dll and their corresponding source code under the GPL version 3.0 license. This is a key moment for Electronic Arts, the C&C community, and the gaming industry, as we believe this will be one of the first major RTS franchises to open source their source code under the GPL. It’s worth noting this initiative is the direct result of a collaboration between some of the community council members and our teams at EA. After discussing with the council members, we made the decision to go with the GPL license to ensure compatibility with projects like CnCNet and Open RA. Our goal was to deliver the source code in a way that would be truly beneficial for the community, and we hope this will enable amazing community projects for years to come.” You can read the complete announcement on Reddit.

So what does this mean for us casual gamers? Well, to put things in a simpler perspective, this means that modders will be able to design maps, create custom units, replace art, alter gameplay logic, and edit data. Which can drastically change the game from the way we have seen it.

As an example of the possibilities that can potentially happen, Petroglyph, developer of the remastered collection, has actually created a new modded unit to play with called Nuke Tank.

Nuke Tank

Nuke Tank came into play when the Brotherhood of Nod captured a Mammoth Tank. This is a fully playable unit in the game via a mod and it can do devastating damage.

However, not all went well. EA originally planned on developing the said games with LAN support but the development for LAN support requires actual testing via LAN. The studio mentioned that it became very challenging to do so since they might face legal issues in regard to “Social Distancing” amidst the threat of COVID-19.

Unfortunately, EA had to drop the development for now and will keep the LAN support at the top of their priority list.

Workshop & Platform

EA will be taking advantage of Steam and Origin in this matter for the PC platform. There is no confirmation yet if the remastered collection will be available for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. However, it would be great if the remastered collection will be available for the Nintendo Switch platform.

For Steam users, Steam Workshop will work on both maps and mods. Players can also subscribe to maps and mods directly in the game’s community hub within Steam. Added to that, players can also utilize the in-game menus to browse, download, and install contents as well. For Origin users, it will be the same in-game process for downloading maps. The only difference will be the need to manually install mods into their respective folders outside the game. Once you’re in the game, players will be able to navigate to the Options / Mods tab to enable/disable mods.

Command & Conquer Franchise

If you’re new in this game, the Command & Conquer franchise is a set of RTS games produced by Westwood Studios and released by Virgin Interactive Entertainment in 1996. EA later then acquired Westwood Studios in 1998 and rendered Command & Conquer: Red Alert freeware.

EA now remastered the game and is available for pre-order in Steam. The game is set to launch this coming June 6 and both Command & Conquer and Red Alert are both remastered in 4K by the former Westwood Studios team members.

Command & Conquer Remastered Collection PC System Requirements

For the best experience a Ryzen 7 1700 or i5 4690K processor and Radeon HD 7850, GTX 660, or DirectX 11 compatible video card are recommended.

Minimum PC Requirements

  • OS: Windows 8.1 or 10
  • Processor (AMD): Athlon 64 X2 4600 @ 2.4ghz or better
  • Processor (Intel): Core 2 Duo E4600 @ 2.4ghz or better
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card (AMD): Radeon HD 5570 or equivalent
  • Graphics Card (Nvidia): GT 420 or equivalent
  • DirectX: 11 compatible video card or equivalent
  • Multiplayer Online Connection Requirements: Broadband internet connection
  • Hard Drive Space: 32 GB

Recommended PC Requirements

  • OS: Windows 8.1 or 10
  • Processor (AMD): Ryzen 7 1700
  • Processor (Intel): i5 4690K
  • Memory: 4 GB
  • Graphics Card (AMD): Radeon HD 7850 or equivalent
  • Graphics Card (Nvidia): GTX 660 or equivalent
  • DirectX: 11 compatible video card or equivalent
  • Multiplayer Online Connection Requirements: Broadband internet connection
  • Hard Drive Space: 32 GB


CD Projekt Red Eyes on The New Witcher Game After Cyberpunk 2077

The studio behind the award-winning game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, CD Project Red, is set to start production of the new Witcher game after the release of Cyberpunk 2077.

According to CD Projekt Red CEO Adam Kiciński, there will be another Witcher game but the story of Geralt ends with the Witcher 3. Marking all the Witcher game series so far as the trilogy of Geralt.

The Witcher Trilogy is available on Steam but we recommend purchasing the game from so 100% of the proceeds go to the developers.

This could mean that the new game could potentially feature Ciri as the main protagonist. In an interview conducted by VG247, Jakub Szamałek, the principal writer of Witcher 3, mentioned he regrets that they couldn’t explore more about Ciri in the game.

As for now, it is confirmed that there will be a continuation for the Witcher series but the story and timeline will be different. The new Witcher game will not be a sequel according to the developers and it will not be titled “The Witcher 4.” What we know so far is that the studio could be aiming to tell a different story where the protagonist could either be Ciri or a new person that has nothing to do with Geralt.

Ciri of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

We could potentially see a Witcher game set in a modern era where technology plays a vital role for a Witcher.

Not many details have been provided about the new Witcher game other than it being an addition to the Witcher franchise. The studio, CD Project Red, mentioned that the new games they plan to develop after Cyberpunk 2077 will mostly revolve around the Witcher universe and the Cyberpunk universe. Which hints us that we could get a Witcher 5 game in the near future.

Personally, I have played all of the Witcher games so far from Witcher 1 to Wild Hunt. I’ve seen how the company has developed the game drastically from sequel to sequel. A kind of dedication that you will rarely find from most big video game production companies these days.

I, as a gamer, would love to see a new Witcher game and unravel the story behind the world of Ciri. On the other hand, I’m very much looking forward to the release of Cyberpunk 2077 as well. From swords and magic to bio-technology, it is what keeps me excited for the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077.

What do you think of the upcoming Witcher game? Have you played the Witcher trilogy? If so, do share with us your comments, thoughts, opinions, and reaction about the new Witcher game in the comments section below.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Tidbits:

  • The game sold over six million copies in six weeks.
  • The game won many Game of the Year awards from various gaming publications, critics, and game award shows, including the Golden Joystick Awards and The Game Awards.
  • Netflix adapted the story and produced a live version.

The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game is free on Steam

Steam is giving away a free copy of The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie Video Game for free. The game was first released in September 2017 and is free until May 22, 2020. Once you claimed the game, it is yours to keep in your Steam library.

The game may not be so critically acclaimed but a free game is free. It won’t also have the Grand Theft Auto V effect on Epic Store.